Business or gaming, each project will be analyzed, understood and developed following a precise procedure to maximize the final result.

Store Locator San Marco Petroli

Client: San Marco Petroli
Type: business, marketing

PC/mobile application to facilitate the sale of fuels based on geographical location. The completely hand-programmed software is optimized to support territorial marketing actions for 200 petrol pumps of the San Marco Petroli chain.

Lead Generation Solutions

Client: internal business management
Type: business, marketing, lead generation

Software to collect leads by creating landing pages, quizzes, forms. Equipped with APIs including a direct connection via plugin with WordPress. Multi-project and multi-user track all actions taken on leads. Stores acceptance of digital contracts and the GDPR on privacy.

3D Medical equipment software

Client: Citieffe USA
Type: business, marketing

Windows application for giant touch screen displays with 3D rendering of solutions for Orthopedic Traumatology and Limb Reconstruction. Used during international trade fairs and aimed at facilitating commercial communication with medical personnel.

Alfea 3D Model (WinX Club)

Client: RAI
Type: 3D modeling e shading

3D rendering of the Alfea school of the WinX Club series. The order dealt with the optimization of the 3D model for rendering. To obtain the rendering in cel shading gradient an original shader was written for the customer.

Progetto Ustica

Client: IV Productions
Type: 3D modeling, animation, game, serious

Creation of 3D graphics for this serious game that reconstructs the approximately fifty minutes of flight of the DC9 Itavia shot down on the evening of 27 June 1980. The development of the video game is authorized by the Association of relatives of the victims of the Ustica accident.

Toby the Brick Breaker

Client: 7 Raven Studios Co. Ltd.
Type: design, game, IPhone, IPad, Android

Creation of the design for this fun game for smartphones and tablets. Toby Brick Breaker is an endlessly hilarious game, a tribute to the hugely successful video games of the 80s. You will have to help Toby break thousands of bricks to allow him to reach the Moon.

Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure

Client: 7 Raven Studios Co. Ltd.
Type: design, game, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, XBoX One

Creation of the design for this fun console game. Rusty Spout is an honest pirate who sails around the world in search of adventures and helps people in need. Help Rusty defeat the evil pirate Cocco who has kidnapped all the children of Rusty village.

A Western Drama

Client: TriBit Studio
Type: porting, game, Android, iOS, XBoX One

Commissioned porting. In A Western Drama you play Wade, an orphaned bounty hunter trained by his master, Drake Farr. The border is a nightmarish, violent place, and a nightmare has haunted Wade since he was a child.

Pride Dance

Client: IV Productions
Type: porting, Nintendo Switch

Commissioned porting. Pride Dance Out & Proud is a celebration of Pride events around the world. Dance in the streets of the world's most iconic cities! Move your body in Dance Mode or get ready to change the world in Rhythm Mode.

Sleeping Guy

Client: Chubby Pixel
Type: porting, game, Android, iOS, XBoX One

Commissioned porting. Sleepin' Guy takes place in the incredible and extraordinary dreams of its protagonist. What would you be willing to do to save the thing you care about the most? Immerse yourself in his bizarre dreams and help him wake up before it's too late.

Woodle Tree Adventures

Client: Chubby Pixel
Type: porting, game, Android, iOS, XBoX One

Commissioned porting. In Woodle Deluxe you will explore a total of 8 challenging worlds alongside Woodle, a brave log just born from his paternal roots, helping him collect all the magical water drops scattered across the lands to restore balance and become the new hero!

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