Dolphin Project

The Dolphin project is a cloud software ecosystem
dedicated to e-learning based on game mechanics

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How does it work?

Dolphin for the teacher is a virtual classroom in which students participate in game/lesson sessions, drawing topics from a "library". The "library" will be populated by Content Creators who will create content that they will then be able to sell. Dolphin for the student is a rewarding and fun system based on interaction and competition with one's classmates in game sessions.

Back End

In the administration panel, the Content Creator will be able to manage the contents and upload them directly to the cloud. The system will easily allow you to build quizzes and mini-games related to the uploaded content. The artificial intelligence will automatically manage the challenges and the ranking.


Front End

Students attend lectures and participate in knowledge competitions coordinated by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence supports teaching activities by facilitating the work of the Tutor in periodically organizing the challenges.

E-learning interconnesso

There are no time or place limitso: training is always available.
There are no geographical borders: Tutors can actually be chosen in a decentralized system.
Always connected: promotes connections between students, improving team building.
An opportunity to grow: software designed from a business perspective can be a profitable tool for those who create content and those who sell training.


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